ACS 55
Suitable for domestic environment as standard.
ACS 150
Suitable for domestic environment as standard.
ACS 350
Smooth, slanted surfaces ensure water drains away and drive will not trap
bacteria .
ACS 550
Flexible fieldbus system with inbuilt Modbus and numerous internally mountable fieldbus adapters.
ACS 800
savings in cabling, installation and maintenance costs
DCS 400
No external wiring or fuses.
DCS 800
Excellent control performance up to highest dynamic application in field weakening operation.
AC 31
  • AC 500
AC500-eCo PLC
Maintenance costs under control, and last but not least, take advantage of the very high performance.
AC500 Scalable and flexible PLC
Flexibility in fieldbus selection without exchange of field devices.
P400 Operator Panels
AC 800M
With AC 800M and AC 800C, a truly open industrial control system.
  • Copper Flexible Cables
  • Lift cables and Conveyor Cables
  • Temperature resistant Cables and Compensating Cables
  • Cables for fixed Installation, Single Cores
  • Ready-To-Connect Cable Systems
  • Data Cables (LF) and Telephone Cables
  • Cables for Bus Systems
  • Data Cables (HF): LAN, Coaxial Cables, Fibre Optic Cables (FO), Office and Industrial Ethernet
  • Industrial Connectors
  • Cable Glands and Accessories
  • Protective Cables Conduit Systems and Cable Carrier Systems
  • Cable Marking
  • Cable Accessories
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